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The Benefits of Wood Pellets

  • For Horse Bedding
    • Mucking out time is drastically reduced by half to two thirds over straw and shavings.
    • Hygienic and comfy as all our wood pellets are manufactured from virgin softwood (no recycled wood used). This allows the pellets to absorb moisture and liquid transforming the pellets into a soft, dense bed that is comfy underfoot.
    • Less storage space needed than shavings, but it lasts longer as less is removed each time you muck out.

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  • For Cat Litter
    • Five Star Cat Litter can store up to four times their own weight in liquid, which is a key element of any effective cat litter.
    • As a non-clumping cat litter it does not stick together when damp, but instead fluffs up and can be easily removed without any of the tracking or damp patches associated with clay-based cat litters.
    • Naturally biodegradable
    • With no added perfumes or scents, the natural wood aroma is actually quite pleasant and controls other smells naturally.

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  • For Fuel
    • Moisture content of pellets is guaranteed to be below 10%, the average is 6.5%. This ensures a hotter, longer burn.
    • Residual ash content is guaranteed to be less than 1% – which can then be used a garden fertiliser.
    • Average energy value from the wood pellets has been independently analysed as 19,000kJ/kg.
    • We are on the Biomass Suppliers List for approved suppliers to claim back your Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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The Benefits of Wood Shavings

Five Star Gold is a premium wood shaving product that has been designed primarily for the health and hygiene of your equine, whilst also remaining great value for money.

Five Star Gold is:

  • Untreated softwood, free of contaminants
  • High volume coverage
  • Economic to use
  • Highly absorbent
  • Odour reduction qualities
  • Soft and safe for your horse‚Äôs joints

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The Benefits of Paper Pellets

Five Star Gold is a premium paper pellet product that has been designed primarily for the health and hygiene of your equine, whilst also remaining great value for money.

Five Star Gold is:

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
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    We can show you the true benefits of using our Five Star products for horse bedding, cat litter or biomass fuel. We would hate for you to be caught out by false economy of another brand. Read more about the benefits our products offer.

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